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Where’s the updates?

21 July 2013

Just a quick heads-up: I’m still taking notes about life in Japan every day, be it on the moleskine or directly on the computer. I’ve just stopped publishing them because transcribing & editing, however lightly, was taking too much time. I’m favoring the experiencing self a bit more now (after all, poor experiencing self went through like 30 hours of hell on Mount Fuji; I’m generously rewarding him with tons of wagashi).


Day 20: Scary phone calls, kireji book, time to breath

02 July 2013

Welp! One third of the time’s already gone.

Woke up early to yet another mystery call; a man who said “good evening” (in English) before hanging up, around five in the morning. What’s up with this phone? This is starting to feel uncomfortably like a typical plot of Japanese horror cinema.

I dozed back into bed, and later, instead of doing due homework, spent a half-hour answering a question in the Internet (“What is the max number of moras a kanji character can have?“).

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Day 18: Another Sunday

02 July 2013

Someone called my room at three in the morning. I took the phone the third time, but there was no answer, not even an African-sounding language like the other time; just some background noises. Luckly, by now my body has taken to a healthy rhythm—sleep around 23h, wake up by 7h—and not even the Great August Deity who Illuminates the Heaven at four-fifty stops me from sleeping again.

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Day 12: Homework failure

24 June 2013

Has it really just been twelve days? It feels so long already.

With all the tourism and shopping and photos, I didn’t really do any homework during the weekend. I started yesterday, at a leisure pace because it was due tomorrow. Or so I thought, but turns out they were for today. Ops. Continue Reading →

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Day 11: Tama-tsukuri Inari Jinja, Uniqlo, Shingo-san [photos]

23 June 2013

Yesterday I found out about a nearby shrine catering precisely to my interests, thanks to Ru’s help, and I still want those linen clothes, & I think: Why not today? Sure, my feet hurt even going to the elevator, but… Too bad for you, feet! Migiashi-kun, hidari-ashi kun, you’ll have a lot of time to loaf around during class days—today carry me to see Japan, please.

Warning: Image-heavy post!

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