The Nanbanjin Nikki


Tea ceremony imagery

I like the little similes and stories we hear in the tea room.


i love these tea posts of yours.
the ninja part sounds a bit too colourful, but it’s a way cooler explanation than ‘the border of the tatami is too delicate and will sink if you keep on stepping on it’.

“Tea people prize the senses, and so the host pours water from the ladle slow & steady, from a certain distance (“about one ladlecup”), to give rise to a pleasing sound “like that of a mountain stream””
this is way too hard to do and I never know what I’m doing in this part. Some people make it sounds beautiful (like you), but when I do it, it sounds like peeing, I hate it.

“What I find interesting is that the gesture is only performed after the guest has drank the tea. “I’m afraid I have bad news…””
The guest wouldn’t be alive to hear it depending on the poison, so at least you wouldn’t be blamed because you wouldn’t have seen it was poisoned.

“One shouldn’t, however, extend the arms all the way, as this would be “like carrying the enemy’s head to present to the Daimyō”.”
jesus. i guess this is the most gory explanation for anything sadō-related that i’ve ever seen.

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I personally was more bothered by the baby butt thing. Not exactly what I wanted to think about in the tea room, but oh well…

Come to think of, I guess the sounds of “tiny, lyrical waterfall by a refreshing mountain stream in a summer day” and “peeing” are almost the same, & the difference is, as Master Onion used to say, all in the mind. Sincerity is what counts; as long as you’re doing all you can for the guest, it’s all ok.