1. The Nambanjin Nikki: Japanese studies blog. (feed)

  2. Letras, fortnightly: A bi-weekly email newsletter on hiatus, mostly about linguistics & literature. (feed)

  3. My answers at the Japanese Stackexchange forum, often about kanji and etymology.

Software & data

  1. Kanjigen: Tool for comparative kanji historical analysis (aka “kanji etymology”)

  2. Myougiden: A colourful Linux command-line Japanese dictionary (in beta forever)

  3. List of standard shinjitai kanji characters (authoritative; extracted directly from the Jōyō Kanji Hyō PDF)

  4. Flashcards for the British English IPA pronunciation drill and the Acoustic Image Hacking Conjecture

  5. Various data on the predictive power of phonetic components in Japanese kanji (now superceded by newer research which I haven't organized for uploading yet)

  6. JoyoDB: A project to automate data extraction from the official Jōyō Kanji table, producing a machine-readable version (on hiatus, but almost complete)


Leonardo Boiko
This namakajiri.net is the website of Leonardo F.S. Boiko, a Brazilian grad student living in Germany & who finds enjoyment in orientalism, linguistics, literature, and nonspecific dabbling.