1. The Nambanjin Nikki: Japanese studies blog, on long-term hiatus. (feed)

Software & data

  1. Kanjigen: Tool for comparative kanji historical analysis (aka “kanji etymology”)

  2. Myougiden: A colourful Linux command-line Japanese dictionary (in beta forever)

  3. List of standard shinjitai kanji characters (authoritative; extracted directly from the Jōyō Kanji Hyō PDF)

  4. Various data on the predictive power of phonetic components in Japanese kanji (now superceded by published research which I haven't organized for uploading yet)

  5. JoyoDB: A project to automate data extraction from the official Jōyō Kanji table, producing a machine-readable version (defunct, but functional)


Melissa Boiko
This namakajiri.net is the website of Melissa B. Boiko Hilst, a Brazilian grad student living in Germany & who finds enjoyment in orientalism, linguistics, literature, and nonspecific dabbling.