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23 October 2011

[…] But what disappoints me most about the current state of the gay movement, if you can still call it that, is that most gays have settled for this really rigid, obvious, and stereotypical idea of what it means to be a homosexual. It’s become a very facile, consumerist identity without any substance, purely decorative and inert, and strangely castrated.

This is true of the way that homosexuals are represented in the mainstream media, but you can even see it in gay bars and communities. I was in a gay bar in Toronto last night for the first time in years and I was shocked at how neutered the whole thing has become. Gay bars used to have at least a hint of danger or even criminality, or at least a sense of promoting non-conformist behaviour. The energy in this bar was disturbingly bourgeois and tame and oddly neutered. My theory is that many gay men have a hard time accepting their feminine side, so it becomes a kind of pathology for them, trying to play up the masculine side and strangling the feminine, or allowing the feminine to become twisted or spiteful.

When the gay community is segregated and gay men don’t have access to real, healthy female sexuality, there’s an imbalance that becomes really unwholesome. Gays have also become the ultimate consumers, the ultimate commodity fetishists. They’re the most well-behaved, model citizens you could hope for under advanced capitalism. It’s nauseating. I’m surprised the right wing parties aren’t welcoming them into the fold with gay marriage, because marriage is one of the central ways that society controls and domesticates its members.

Bruce LaBruce, interview.

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