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Was in the mood for love songs today

29 March 2012

(Reference for the future, when capitalistic forces remove the songs from theirtube:

  • Depeche Mode, Freelove
  • Jefferson Airplane, Triad (acted by some guy with 2 toy robots and 1 toy alien)
  • Björk, All is full of love (live in Tokyo 2005)
  • Raul Seixas, A Maçã (TV video)
  • Legião Urbana, Love song (from troubador Nuno Fernández Torneol, Pois naci nunca vi amor)
  • The White Stripes, Apple blossom (live acoustic)
  • Blur, Girls & Boys (live at Butt Naked, 1994)
  • Tim Minchin, If I didn’t have you


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