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Here you can subscribe (or un–) to my newsletter: Letras, fortnightly. What can you expect from it?

  1. A single bi-weekly writeup which respects the value of your attention. Guaranteed to be readable over one (1) Sunday beverage* (*assumes decently–sized beverage).

  2. Brief comments on academic and scientific material I’m reading—mostly about linguistics & literature.

  3. Brief comments on books I’m reading, including classics, genre fiction (usually fantasy), and non-fiction.

  4. Brief comments on pop media I’m consuming—mostly comics and videogames.

  5. Occasional asides about anything at all. No more than two (2) paragraphs per issue.

  6. No evil social psychoeconoengineering. No "like" or "reaction" buttons, no notifications counter, no toxic commenters, no shady Terms of Service selling your entire family’s DNA data to Silicon Valley moguls.

  7. I’ll read everything you write me back. I won't publish anything unless you ask me to.

  8. I’m a leftie. I won’t ever sell your email address to the bourgeoisie pigs.

Issues are archived and available for perusal here.



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