Welcome, friendly Reader! I’m a Brazilian guy who has been afflicted, since early childhood, by that disease known to specialists as «⁠ ⁠Japonisme⁠ ⁠». Looking back, all the symptoms were present from the start: gross orientalism, acute bouts of nihonjinronitis, escapist otaku ideation, eating snacks with hashi and so on. As I got older it got ever worse, until I finally developed what is widely recognized as the mark of a terminal, chronic case: «⁠ ⁠going for a second major in Japanese Studies ⁠». In early 2010 I forwent everything and enrolled at the São Paulo University.

I started this blog to essay in idleness about Japan. I hope it results interesting, or at least mildly amusing.

As of 2012, I’m 28 years old and look like this:

Leonardo Boiko, 2012

—Leonardo Boiko, nanbanjin.

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