« Letras, fortnightly »: an email newsletter

I’m still on hiatus (too busy for proper blogging) but I wanted to keep in touch with the world somehow. At the same time, I’ve grown ever more dissatisfied with commercial walled gardens – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.; but a casual blog is a bit too much of “throwing petals in the Grand Canyon” (no one even uses RSS readers anymore, and republishing stuff on walled-garden feeds causes all sorts of headaches). Considering this, and taking inspiration from the pleasure I derive from Warren Ellis’ Orbital Operations, I’ve decided to set up a bi-weekly email newsletter: Letras, fortnightly.

The content is about linguistics & literature in general, not just Japanese studies (for which this blog remains the output). However, due to my interests, Japanese stuff still creeps in. I’m setting up archives, so you can browse the first issue and see what I’m aiming for.

Stay tuned for future developments in this blog.

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