a manifesto for natural webdesign

THE WEB IS MADE OF TEXT—text is content—in the web, content is master—the web is not an end product like printed pages or posters—the web is index cards, the web is databases, the web is xanadu, navi, cyberspace—THE WEB IS AN INTERMEDIARY—the web is inherently democratic, anarchic, libertarian, its very mechanism wants content to be free, the more one groks the science behind the web the more one realizes how folly is it to try to control, restrict, specify, specialize—THE WEB COULD DOWNGRADE TO TEXT‐ONLY TOMORROW AND NOTHING OF VALUE WOULD BE LOST—the nature of web is text, that is, language, that is, thought, that is, content—in a natural webdesign content is interface, content is identity, content is style, content is that which was to be—a natural webdesign works equally well in mobile phones, in thirdworld windows 95 640x480 cybercaffè terminals, in unix monospace text-only consoles, in weird avant-garde mac navigators, in the b&w world of the colorblind, in the voice-synthesis world of the blind, in right-to-left scripts mixed with left-to-right and full-width—IF THE IDEAS ARE UNREACHABLE DUE TO DESIGN, IT MEANS THE DESIGNER IS INCOMPETENT—if the designer cannot express himself without unweaving the web, the designer is incompetent—if the text is incestuously dependent on flash, javascript, java, images, if it lacks graceful fallbacks, the designer is incompetent—a natural design is one that, instead of pressing its opinion like a spoiled child, will work with, not against, the user-agent interface, http caches, http proxies, http authentication, html semantics, internet standards, microformats, search engine expectations—a natural webdesign is accessible in so many ways it becomes more than text, it becomes multitext, übertext, hypertext—a natural webdesign is one which connects.